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Default GO 133 as progression board?

Hoping to get some advice or feedback...

I own a Rio M, recently put a larger (58cm) fin on it. Interesting in progressing to a 2nd board, something lighter than the Rio and bit more "oomph" -- speed, early planing, performance, etc.

How does the Go 133 stack up? There is one available used, at a fair price. I am 5'7" 155lb. male, and currently on the Rio M I can tack/slow-speed jibe, intermediate footstraps, use the harness (but not fully committed to it yet) catapults are "falls" to the side... Usually if planing, I am in front footstrap (w/ rear foot on the board). Sail in light/med winds, sail sizes 5.7-7.5, don't use the centerboard much anymore. Some beachstarting, no waterstarting yet...

How would the Go 133 fare given my skill/progression level? At my weight, is it uphaulable? Easily uphaulable? Can it be used in light winds.... or would a 150L volume be better?

Also available is older Futura 144L. My understanding is this is lighter board, but more fragile. Any pros/cons or recommendations? My interest is flat-water/chop. No waves for me

Thanks -

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