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Hi Brooks,
The GO 133 will be OK, but at your weight you might look for something in the 110-115 liter range.
That will be more in line with your sail sizes.
At 155 lbs, you can uphaul any board > 100 liters and probably uphaul 90-100 liter boards but not as easily.
There is a dilemma here.
You have small to mid size sails for the light/medium conditions you suggest,and if the winds are steady @ > 12 knots, you (at your weight) can go a bit smaller and still get some planing performance.
But, for truly light winds (I.R. < 12 knots, a wider board and larger rigs would be what you need to plane more of the time.
The Futura 144 sounds like it's more the "light wind planer" you want (vs the GO 133), but getting an 8.5 m2 rig would sure help with your light winds.
Yes, lighter boards are a bit more fragile, but when you get fully back in the footstraps (you will need this skill for either the Futura or GO 133) and are not getting catapaulted rig onto the nose, you won't have any durability issues with the Futura.
As far as what works to plane in < 12 knots...... wider boards and larger sails!

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