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I have an New Waves costom built circa 1987.. Reckon its stronger than most boards currently on market,It has no carbon or Kevlar in it;in fact I don t think its even epoxy; think its a ployester lay up on glass fibre woven roving. Its not that heavy (8.5 k???) and you can distincly see the two stringers running its full lengthy. it was abused for at leat 5 years and still looks perfectly usable. Its survived countless flat landings and was once waashed up in bvig waves over rocks with minimal damage. !!!

Leave modern boards on beach for 10 mins and there`s a holew in them. Do a flat landing and they snap !

But its our ownb faults !! We have insisted on buying carbon/kevlar/technora/Australioan Pine and a whole host of other exotic BS when materials for best boarsds have been with us for 40 years or more...

Where did polyethylene go ???? Had Tiga Wave and a HiFly Extreme both of which were almost indestructable !! And for their time sailed fantastic.... Are we really saying all of us need boards built to the absolute minimum weight ??? Dont think so?? We just like to think we do !!

Polyethylene /GRP woulkd be fine for 95% of us but we dont buy it because sponsored sailors dont use it !

We lkike to think we need a Ferrari when actually we really need Ford Mondeos.....

(My Syncro Red Dot looks older than the custom New Waves !!!! its had a third of the use !!!)

Manufacturers supply the demand !!! (But they manipulate it !!!)
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