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Guys, thanks for the feedback. Let me 'drill down' a little further.

Roger -- I'll take your comment as a "yes" that 133L is plenty of volume. I don't think I'm ready to go down to 110-115 yet. I'm coming from the relative comfort and dryness of a 200L board . Also, wouldn't a 110L board need some decent wind. At this point in my progression, 25+knots scares the cr*p out of me still...

Granted, I need to get a bigger (ie 8.5m2) sail next season... given that, how much more early planing/performance will I get from a Futura vs. Go? The Go is pretty much brand new (2010). The Futura is 2007, well-used but no repairs to the board. Priced similar to each other.

Ken, I'm pretty sure "this is my sport", but I also have family considerations. So I'm more of a TOW guy and happy to just get out and cruise around, w/o being full-fledged fanatic w/ 4board quiver. Although Rio + SUP + new board would put me at 3 already....
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