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Default How to make a choice between an iSonic 97 and 107 model 2011

I like to buy (second hand) an isonic 97 or 107 model 2011. I am 82 kg. i surf on a lake, that is rather choppy due to sailings boats. The sails i have are; 8.5 ,7.3 , 6.7, 6.2 and 5.8. And i have an 133l iSonic (2009) and a Kombat 106l ( model2006). If the water is too choppy for my 101 then i take my Kombat with the same sail
What is now a good choice?.
And are there persons that can compare the Futura 111 (or 101) with iSonic 107 ( or 97) model 2011.
Maybe Remi you are the only one. Give it a try.
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