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The single Travel XL bag is not a good option for your iSonic 127 board, unfortunately. Main reason is that the Travel bag line has been designed solely for Futura and Carve boards, not for iSonic boards. Futura and Carve boards are much longer than iSonic boards and therefore will fit better and snugglier inside the single Travel bags than iSonic. An Isonic will move forward and backward in such a 260 cm long bag and this may not offer the best degree of protection during travel. That is the main reason why such Travel bags are not listed in the charts on our website for the large iSonic :

As Rémi pointed out above, he recommends you to order the Double isonic Travel bag. Main reason is that this bag is specifically cut much shorter (245 cm lenght) to better accomodate the shorter lenght of any iSonic boards. Moreover, there are compression belts around the bag which enable you to better custom-fit the width of the bag to any large iSonic boards up to the 137. As for the single Travel bag, the Double isonic bag is made of 8 mm thick foam on the top and bottom body panels. Extra 12 mm thick foam on the sidewalls confers to the bag a better padded protection.

Hope you've got a better picture now of which bag suits and offers the best protection to your large iSonic 127 board during travel.

Cheers !


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