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Default RE: Trading a Carve 122 on a ISonic 135

Hi Roger,

I was using a 5.5 Aerotech, majority of the guys where on 4.5 to 5.o sails..... And probably that day the wind was more strong than I can recall and gusts even more stronger.....
Wow. what an accident you had !!! Could be pretty serious....
I??ll give a try into the Isonic 135 again. The matter is that I will be able to keep only one of the two boards. Which one do you think will be suitable for me ?

Sails: 5.5 Charge Aerothech; 7.0 Evolution Naish; 8.2 07 redline Naish; 9.3 Nitro2 Gaastra; 11.0 RS3 Neilpryde.

Boards: 160 FE Starboard; 122 06 Carve Starboard.

Testing an Isonic 135 06
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