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thanks for the pic and the youtube clip. That's exactly what I was looking for... The bad thing is that on my beach, the wind is very swirly and gusty right at the launch and I'm afraid I'll get pancaked and trapped under the sail... This'll take some practice.
It seems worth it though - I'm getting addicted to the POWER the formula sails generate. My top end is a bit less than on slalom gear, but the smooth water and the insane acceleration make it feel like I'm going faster. It's awesome to be super excited on a 12 mph day!
The formula bashers need to chill out. I've been monitoring the deabtes on max sail size etc. for years, without having tried the big sails. Wow, what a revelation. I'm definitely grateful to the racer geeks for pushing the technology and trickling down to cheapskates like me. Barely used formula gear from a few years back is the best value in windsurfing!
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