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Default S-Type 137 vs Carve 133


I'm in the hunt for a new board. I'd like to partner it with a NP 9.0 Rx2 and using it in maybe upto 15 kts. Then downsize to a 7.5 V8. The conditions are bay sailing with chop upto 2 maybe 3 ft. I'm also having fun competing in the local GPS competition and I'm heading for the wooden spoon in the Slalom comp.

Looking at the specs between the S-Type 137 and the Carve 133. They don't appear to be that massively different, the S-type being slightly shorter and wider. However the recommended sail sizes do seem to be different.

The max recommended size for the S-Type 137 is 8.5 and the Carve 133 is 9.0.

I don't gybe that well at all, hence the wooden spoon, the Carve would be good helping with gybing, however the S-Type could potentially be faster in the GPS comp. I am a bit of a speed freak!!!:

Could some light be shed on whether a 9.0 would be useable on a S-Type 137?
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