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Default Water Intrusion

I have a 2011 Starboard Carve 171 that I purchased in September; yesterday while cleaning the board after a session I discovered a 1" longitudinal crack (hairline) on the starboard side of the board, 30" aft of the nose, on the round part of the rail, 1" above the bottom edge). This location is under water most of the time when I am standing on the board. Other than the almost invisable crack, there is no other visable damage, no sign of impact, dent or scratching in the area. I have no idea how it got there or how long it has been there.
After wiping the board down, I noticed a slight weeping coming out of the crack; when I press on the crack, moisture comes out. I proceeded to open it up with a razor to about 1/16" anticipating a repair this morning. I suspended the board in the basement so that the crack is the lowest point; this morning I found a coffee-lid size puddle on the floor under the crack. It is still weeping. So my plan is to:
1. Leave the board suspended until the weeping stops
2. Place the board out in the sunshine for a couple of days
3. Complete a standard glass repair (I'm versed in that)

My questions
1. Assuming I get all of the moisture out of the board, will there be lasting damage?
2. Are there additional things I should be doing?
3. Is there a way to be sure the water isn't getting in somewhere else?


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