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Default sun here in days, so I decided to bring it into the living room and crank up the heat (vent in, intrusion site down) I have a very patient and tolerant wife
Shortly after the board warmed up, the water started dripping much quicker, a drop a minute or so. After a couple of hours it has slowed considerably, to the point that the water on the floor dries up before the next drop hits it. I am going to let it sit overnight and check it in the morning. Assuming the drip has stopped, I'll lay it flat, open the vent and put the paper wick in.
One interesting sidebar: when the board warmed up I went over it with a fine toothed comb to check for any other problem areas and found a single drop on the deck surface, near the original crack I mentioned but on the deck. I wiped it away, waited a minute and actually saw another bead reform - I did this multiple times. There is absolutely no mark of any kind at this spot, when the water is wiped away there is nothing. If I press down next to the spot, a bead forms immediately. Weird, seems like the skin is weeping. The rest of the board is fine.
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