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Default RE: maui bound

well its a done deal, april 8th for two weeks, with three non sailors.
I have to hope i can wear them out with activities in the morning so i can get out at 1200 to 100 pm or so to kanaha .....
Hmmm get them to run baby beach to baldwin, in the morning .
I definalty have to do a few full dayers, so there will be no sailing those days , as two others have never been to maui. Like the hana trip ( yup touristy i know) , backside of maui always a great thing to do IMHO, as its so deserted and empty. Makana beach and kihei and the lahaina stuff.... .
still dont know where i will rent probably kanaha kai, as they were reasonable but i would really like to get on a few starboards, maybe the 2008 photo shoot will bring a fee extras in.
I see they have mistrals ( yawn) dont like the syncros.
The tabous are tiny for me as i am a flatwater freshwater sailor and not used to sinking much in lake superior as it can kill you fast if you cant sclog back...
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