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Default 2010 11m Severne Overdrive?

Used this sail for the third time at the weekend and I just can't seem to get on with it. Basically there is no constant centre of effort, I move the harness lines forward and I have too much pull on my back hand I move them back and I have to put both hands in front on the lines. Now is it a duff sail I have here or were the 2011 sails better due to using the reflex system? I have tried everything, more downhaul, more outhaul.......I wouldn't mind but everytime I have used it the conditions have hardly been gusty.

And before anyone wades in with I bet you moved the harness lines too far, no half an inch at a time.

So has anyone any recomendations as to what sail will work beston my US147, an 11m Reflex or a 2011 9.7m Overdrive?

Please help, Martin
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