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hi friends,
i am the lucky one who enjoys since three years windsurfing on a serenity...although i am addicted to freestyle and strong wind, i am totally convinced of the serenity concept and enjoy the lightwind sessions like the strong wind ones ;-))
Due to the extreme dimensions and storage problems (which are no real fun) i am eager to get a boardbag for better protection.
Unfortunately starboard is not able to provide a boardbag which fits the board!?!... i ordered one at a local starboard dealer, wait for six months!!! (because it has to be ordered directly in thailand) and then they sent me a flat boardbag which does not fit (to short!!!)...result: no boardbag and no dealer who would like to take up the challange is a shame that starboard offers a great (and expensive) board but is not able to provide a suitable and 3-dimensional boardbag for the price of 200 euro...
Moreover i made pictures for the dealer but the reaction from starboard seems to be starboard care about their customers??
maybe someone has a solution or know where to get a suitable boardbag...before i went to a sail maker to craft me one

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