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Belskorpio, yes I understand the reasoning of using a full on race sail, I suppose the extra hassle of weight and rigging a sail with one extra cam is insignificant anyway. I can get my hands on a used 2010 11m Reflex but it requires a 550 mast, an expensive addition.

Remi, yes perhaps I did put too much outhaul on but I thought this would depower the sail and make it feel lighter. I did start off with the recomended outhaul setting though and just added another 2cm later on in the day to see if it would make any difference. Do these multi cambered sails like less outhaul? Are they the opposite of a no cambered sail? In which I mean that when you apply more outhaul to a no cambered sail it depowers it, makes it feel lighter and handles the gusts better.
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