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44 is way too big in my point of view. On the other hand the 107 is quite a powerfull board and needs some lift to fly over the wave. Today I was windsrfing @ Wakayama with my 2012 107 and a Talon in 38cm but found that fin too small most of the time. It was the first test of the fin and I was using my 2011 GTX Race in 7.5 in corss onshore conditions. (I'm ~78kg @180cm)
Usually I use the Hurricane SS2 in 38cm and the new SR5 in 40 with the board. These fins provide much more lift and without being as hard and stiff as the Select fins which made my earlier boards riding like a wild bull once properly powered up.
I'll keep the Talon in 38cm for very rough and overpowered conditions and use the Hurricane fins mostly.
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