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Originally Posted by mark h View Post
Would be great to hear from anyone using Talons on the iS107. Im interested to know what sizes you are using. These fins cost lots and I would like to get it right first time

Iv'e been using Select SL7's, 39cm/7m 41cm/8m/9m and a 45cm/9m in super light winds (but not used too much) these are all very powerful fins for their size. So I am thinking I need slightly bigger Talons because they might be as powerful as the SL7's.

Stocks for the Talon in the UK are low, I can only get 38cm, 40cm and 44cm. Im wondering if the 44cm is maybe to big?
I have a I-111 and I regularly use a 40 Talon with a 7.3 Hot Sail GPS 2008 that seems about right. With my 2010 8.0 GPS I feel under finned with the 40, but the Drake 44 works nicely ... only problem it delivers beautifully unrecoverable mile long spin outs!

So ... a 42 Talon might be the ticket with a 8.0 and 9.0, you can always order direct from Tectonics, I am thinking to order a 43 myself.
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