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Originally Posted by mcross19 View Post
Davide, hi, What weight are you? I've just bought a 111 and it came with a drake 42 do you think will work well with a 7.6m? Also what size fin would you use with a 6.4m? I'm 88Kg's
I am 72Kg. The drake 42 should work fine with the 7.6. However, as I mentioned, it is quite horrible. It works if you are just cruising around powered/underpowered, but when you are really powered up or want to push the board it is completely unpredictable. It can be comically entertaining: the longest ever spin out in my windsurfing career; to the borderline dangerous: spinning out the second I release the weight from the back foot entering a jibe, and stalling the board on the inside rail ... not fun when you are doing close to 30 with a 8.0 ...

There is no comparison with the performance of the Talon, I basically never spin out and the fin can be easily pushed with no consequence even by a recreational sailor like myself.
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