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Default RE: Which Isonic (or S-Type) to replace my Carve 121?


I am so glad to read your post, you have helped me make a decision about my own board quiver.

I currently have a 2006 Carve 121, and was thinking of selling it and getting a Kombat (probably 97). I think the Carve 121 really likes to be very powered up with a 6.5 or less to be fun to sail on, and my theory was that I would be better off 6.5 and below on a smaller board anyway, in the range of conditions I sail in. So you confirmed my theory for me, thanks. I will likely go for the 2007 Kombat 97 in the spring, and sell the Carve.

The other funny coincidence is I have an F-Type 148 and just got an iSonic 125. So my target quiver for going into next season is F-Type 148, iSonic 125, and Kombat 97, very similar to what you are looking to do. Great minds think alike!

With the sail sizes (6.5/7.5) you mention above, I would agree with Ian the iSonic 111/115 is likely the best fit for you, alhtough I would think the 9.0 would feel a bit big. You could probably get away with the 125 as well, but at 75 cm wide versus 68.5, the 125 is not going handle chop near as well. For me there is a lot of overlap between my F-Type 148 and iSonic 125 (7.3 & 8.5 in my sail quiver) but I don't mind that, I erred on the side of earlier planing versus chop handling.

If you want DRAM (I did), better go find a 2006 now, it is wood only for 2007!


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