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Default mast position on iS145 and a few more Q's

Hello SB team,
I just made my first runs on 'iS145W' (which replaced my old good F155W). The 'iS145W' feels very responsive; planing threshold, upwind / downwind quite nice and easy in marginal conditions - well done SB!

A few questions:
- where should be the mastbase position (the default) for 9.4M 2 cam sail?
- where -"- for 8.0
- is the jybing technique different from Formula board (the response of my F155 was somewhat more predictable to constant 'wide lag' pressure - I guess, I just need to make some small adjustments?)
- should I rinse the board (it's Wood) in a fresh water? (My old F155 got some yellow tint - does it compromise watertightness?).

(I am 75kg, 174cm, footstraps most back-outer position)

Thanks in advance.
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