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Default Light but Durable lightwind Cam sail - does it exist?

Hi all,
I have a 9.4 2 cam sail (Tushingham Lightning) that I baught new 1 y.ago and use it with my light-wind board. I sailed it probably 10-15 times and it has already those annoying creases-cracks-through that I have to patch with film. I am quite frustrated with the issue - I am changing the 2nd sail in 3 years, they cost fortune but they just don't hold!

Is there any durable, light and powerfull (as V8 or Lightning) sail in this range of 9.5M? Seems like EZZY Infinity is durable, but it seems VERY heavy and not quite powerfull.

Any thoughts/ideas.

P.S.: I don't leave sails baking on sun...
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