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Originally Posted by Remi View Post
Hi Knud
Not really, in Race-Board most of the racers have 2 9.5 sails, one for light winds and the other one for medium to strong, in this case the Severne and the Starboard one.
Do you use adjustable out haul and down haul, this help help a lot to tune this kind of sails for light to strong winds?
All the best
I know that they use usually two 9,5s.

But when the wind gets strong,we will have something about 20-25 knots average which I can handle well with a 9,5.
But we have in between really often gusts which are going up to 30 knots and a bit more and here I am not able to hold the 9,5 anymore.
Also with maximum Down- and Outhaul, what I am using, to get the sail flat and the top and back leech open, I am not able to hold it. It just throws me away or I need to open the sail and loose too much speed.

Therefore the right sail sizes for me are a 9,5 which I can use from 2 till ~22 knots
and something smaller like 8,5 (7,5 is too small already) for winds 25 knots and higher.

I can not believe that a 9,5 with complete down- and outhaul is faster than an 8,5 with less down- and outhaul in stong wind conditions of more than 25 knots.
Or am I wrong here?
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