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Default Wave Board Dilema - Ola

Greetings all. Can you assist. I have at present 2 boards I use for the surf, Evo 74 and JP FSW 98. Sails 4.2 to 6.5. I am in Cape Town and 9/10 times end up using the Evo 74 with 4.7. However I an moving to Eaast Coast, where will mainly be on the 5.5. Waves can be vary from summer mush to big clean and FAST winter swells. The trouble is that the wind on the inside is often weak and patchy, especially in the impact zone. My 74 is ace when powered up. However I am only intemediatte in the waves at best, and battle to schlog out.

Should I up to an Evo 83 /80 or a bigger acid say 86/88.

I am 85 kgs. Will only be for waves, not bump and jump.5.5 Ezzy. JP FWS is too stiff, and only use this on flat days with 6.5 /5.5.

Thanks in advance
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