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My last session was pretty difficult due to chop. The board bounced like crazy. I wonder if a newer board may be easier in chop due to cutouts, even though it'd be 10cm wider? My ML90 is great in flat water, even if over-powered, but the minute I sail into even moderate chop it becomes a handful.

I'm looking at boards like the mike's lab L5. Or even the ml95 - I believe it had cutouts already. Will cutouts and shorter length make the board "magically" better in chop? When I switched from a classic slalom board to an isonic 101, I was stunned by how much better the isonic was in chop despite its extra width.

Indeed, an ideal board for me would be one of the new 90cm light air slalom boards - but they're so damn expensive now. A six year old formula board can be had for about a fifth of the price of a new jp super light wind - and it'll probably have much of its performance at radically lower cost.

So, the updated question is - which of the more modern (say six years old) formula boards is really good in chop and on a reach, as opposed to just grinding upwind? Thanks for all the advice so far...
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