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Default Reflex: problems with the first cam

Hi, guys. Allow me to give you my experience with that problem:
with the code reds, and now the reflexes, I always rig the sails without the boom, and for me severne sails are extremely easy to rig. My sequenc is:
- give tension downhaul until the mast is at half of the sleeve
- put cams by sequence: 3 - 2- 1 - 4 - 5
- give the rest of the tension downhaul
with the 2010 reflex, when you put the cam nē1, you have to be sure, previously, that it is completely attached to the batten, because everytime it is only partialy attached. If you do not pay attention to that, the cam will twist while you increase downhaul tension and you probably do not notice it. After rigged, when you turn the cams to the other side, that cam nē1 normally breaks. Yet with 2010 reflex, you have to bring cam nē1 down with your hand while you are giving tension downhaul, so the cam won't leave its 90ē position to the mast

2011 Reflex II: This last problem - bring the cam nē1 down with your hand is not necessary anymore, because severne has changed the cam for a smaller one.
anyway, it's still important that you attache correctly the camē1 to the batten, before fixe it to the mast.

Last details that I've learned with Steve Allen at Flexeiras, Brazil:
- my first 3 battens are, on the reflex system, with minimum tension. He told me that the sails has very good power, so it doesn't need big tension at the lowest part.
- Severne Reflex doesn't work very well if you give maximum tension downhaul. It doesn't turn correctly, and you loose, while sailing, that good power feeling. You'll have very bad performance.
So, with my previous 2010 Reflexes and now with the 2011 ones - from 5.1 to 9.2 - I put with streamline base mast one 2cm above the sail says and give downhaul tension until 2 to 3cm before the limit tension (when the wheels touch). The result is, with 2010 and 2011 sails, my cams always turn.
Hope this help!
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