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Default RE: Wave Board Dilema - Ola

Thats indeed a dilemma. No doubt, both Acids and EVOs are extremely good wave boards that can handle pretty much any conditions you throw at them, but they do it differently. If you particularly like the feel of your EVO, an Acid will give you a very differnt feel. Its impossible to say how you will react to the change.

In general, when partnering EVOs to very fast conditions it gets problematic to use them too big. You can say that you need to sacrifice some volume for EVOs to handle fast conditions in a natural way (and by fast I mean fast waves rather than windy). With Acids you get get away with a floatier board I would say. In more specific words, I think you will be able to handle a speedy wave ride on an Acid 80 as well as on your EVO 74 and the extra liters will surely be a plus in sketchy wind in the impact zone.

But on the other hand, an EVO 80 is clearly better than previous version in good, faster waves and since you seem to liek the EVO feel, I think you will prefer that board for most waves you encounter. It handles wind too, but as indicated above, it might get a handful in really big FAST waves, particularly if combined with lots of wind.

So in the end it will be about what kind of compromise you want to make and what kind of chanses you want to take. Take a chance on the PA80 and you may end up not likeing it in the slow stuff. Take a chance on the E80 and you might find it too big in the FAST conditions you mention.

Personally I tend to use the EVO 70 as an all round board and like it also in fairly fast and light stuff (say Kaua or lanes in just sailable wind). I'm 69 kilos, but I'm also farily confident at schlogging. So, my own preference might not help you much.

An alternative to think about would be to trade the bigger board instead. A Kombat of similar size will probably feel better on a wave (Kombats probably being the most wave oriented fw boards on the market and their rockers are similar to the Pure Acid boards). But maybe that will not help you much, because in light conditions with big and fast waves, the K will still be to big.

So again, really, really difficult to give exact advice here. You can strike gold with either E80 or PA80, but you might get dissapoited with any of them too (in certain conditions). Do you have a chance to try a 07 E80 or PA80? That would help A LOT in this case.
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