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scott mckercher
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Default RE: Kombat 87 or Evo 90?

I agree with ola that you have to decide what you want it for. The evo 90 will handle the 5.3 no problem, but the Kombat does have a more lively bump and jump planing feel.
The Kombat does do backside riding quite nicely, and a more freeridey planing feel. but if you're wanting to focus on wave performance, going frontside fitting into tighter pockets, the you might find the Komabt a little stiff, and the evo more up your alley.
I also weigh 84 Kilo's and would choose the Evo 90 for when it's super light wind and i want to get out into waves of quality when it's light. You can throw it around and create drive when there's not muchwind to help you out.
So basically I think you need to decide what you want it for. If you're going to go another bigger board for general blasting about in lighter wind, i'd go the evo 90, but all I really want to do is ride waves, so I'm biased
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