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Hi Roger
I had the chance of trying a few combinations
I stuck to the weed fin and put the mast base as far forward as I could on the 7.5 rig. Massive improvement! I also changed the height of the boom as I started using a "sitting" (kite) harness rather than a waist (wave) one. I do not know whether that would have had any effect. I did not have the chance of measuring speed but it felt pretty good. I am also trying to work on my stance and even though I still can't get consistency I can feel the increase on speed and stability of the board when I get it right and I can push harder. Wind was a bit light but it was great for fine tunning a few things to get more balance. I got a couple of gusts that I was able to handle pretty well but ass soon as I got some chop I "lost the fin" and had to stop and start again. Nevertheless, I think that some good speed can be reached with this fin/GO155. I am jumping to a smaller board (slalom) but I am still keen on finding the limit of this board in light winds, just for the hell of it and because it is the board I have (can you provide me with some performance stats of the board?). I am happy now because at least I know what is happening.
Thanks for your advise
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