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Thanks for the quick reply. My current setup is a bic techno 148 and Maui 8.0 sail which works when the wind is 12-14 knots. The 10.0 is a Maui Tr7 and I am looking for the best board for this sail when the wind is lighter. Luckly both places I sail have very little chop to deal with and my skills are more towards the intermediate level getting around all of my gybes and blasting around.
I'm your weight, I live in mostly light wind area and have 16 or so years of experience...
Unless you tried and really hate newer formula boards, formula is your best bet for yearly planning
and overall crusing in the light wind with 10m2 race sail, Isonic 127 is too small and for your size best
suited with 9 m2 max, and with utrasonic you will gane comfort using bigger sail, but comparing
to i127 board will be too bulky and comparing to formula it will not plane as early and sail at narrow angle comparing to upwind/downwind potencial of formula. I never understood this,
you can buy a Ferrari(formula) or you can buy a Cadilac(Utrasonic) and in windsurfig world they both cost the same, yet people due to some crazy marketing still willing to by a Cadi... If you were 120+kg and
wanted to participate in slalom event maybe Ultrasonic ..
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