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Hi all, I came across this old thread looking for inspiration. Retrospectively it seems that I made some very stupid comments hereabove. ISonic's are still up and running and probably here to stay for another decade. Getting BD on board was maybe one of Starboard's best decisions, and... I sold my beloved ST104 yesterday. It has been a fantastic board, certainly the best I ever had (and I had/tried many). However last year I used it only once while I sailed larger boards twenty more times due to poor wind conditions. Having to reduce my quiver before moving back to Paris I got rid of the ST (snif).

This may very well be my last post here as I no longer own any Starboard product. I really appreciated chatting with you all over the years and it has been a great experience (hope you liked it too). I wish you a wonderful year 2012, a lot of fun and the best possible wind. Ciao, Farlo
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