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Default Futura 121 or Carve 131

Hi there
I have an old 2004 Carve 2004 that need to be replaced. I use it mostly with a 6.5 Tushingham 6.5 and have gone 30 knots with that sail. But also with a Hellcat 7.8 for lighter winds.

Have been looking for the Futura 121 since it came out, but am now uncertain if not the Carve would be better for me (85 kg/190cm)?

Looking at the rec sail sized and adding/subtracting 1 sq meter on both sides, I find that the carve 131 and the futura 121 would both fit my current sails, i.e. 6.5 - 8.0.

But perhaps the Futura will be too demanding, since I am more of a recreational sailer than pure free racer.

PS. I have a JP X-site 105 for hard wind sailing.

What would you advice? I guess my concern is that the Carve will be too "dull", since I have been sailing for nearly 30 years, but at the same time my comfort zone is prob not above 30 kn as I have already broken some ribs and also passed 60 y recently.

Best regards

Red Hook, NY
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