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Hi Expander,

The board is definitely still valid - many top guys were still using it in 2011.

As for the your fin question - that's always a tough one. There are a lot of manufacturers making really nice fins and they keep improving and changing something in them every year, so its really hard to say. Anyway, here's a few you can look into - The Boss customs, VMG Blades, Z, Virus, Ifju, C4 fins and last but not least Kashy (though the price is definitely in another league here).

I have tested some of these fins my self, but it is really hard to pick out the best. I used The Boss 74 mainly last year and it is really nice fin, especially when powered up. Good acceleration and easy control. I also liked Z2 (older model) for very light winds as it is very powerful, but in my opinion it lacks top end range. ZE is said to be better, but I didn't have much chance to test it properly, so I cant comment on it. Now I think they have another model.
VMG is also very comfortable fin, especially in high winds. Well, at least the model I have. Heard they improved it for low end.

As you see, there are many options, but its best to try and contact the manufacturers yourself, ask about prices and availability and then make a decision.

All of that said, after trying any of those fins you will feel MASSIVE difference between the one you are using now. Its literally in another level of performance!

Hope that helps!

Karolis LTU1001
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