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Hi Expander,

I am not very well informed about Virus fins, but few of my friends have them. As I know there is one model, but as with other manufacturers, they offer different stiffness, rakes and cuts to their fins, so you can customise the fin for range of conditions you are going to use it in.
I am also not sure about the Virus fins price, but if I remember correctly, I think its one of the cheapest new fins you can buy for FW. So I would suggest you to contact the manufacturer first and then decide if the price is reasonable. Maybe they will also be able to answer what fin your friend has by specs and will tell you if it suits your desired range of conditions.

Troll, in short - yes. The new generation fins are better in all aspects of formula windsurfing. Even if you are doing it for recreation only.

Karolis LTU1001
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