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Hi Jens, I did (and also races before). Difficult to recommend a board and sail size as it depends a lot on weight, experience etc. Wind is between 15 and 55 knots so take all you have. Water stays very flat as it is off shore wind when racing. Difficult thing is that at the start and sometimes at gybe marks (because of 1000 sails) and during the race there can ben big lulls (as happened in 2011). So if your rigg for 30 kn with a small board and sail you will probably have problems floating at the start and maybe at the gybes. So I used a bit bigger board and sail then normal. Race sails and boards def help because of the wind range. In 2010 (25 - 55 kn during races) I used Isonic 122 / NP 7.8 and less. In 2011 (one race with big wind lulls) I used 122 with 7.8 where I should have been using 144 and 8.6 as I was not planning half of the time. I probably go in 2012 and will bring 101, 107, 122 and 144, sails 5.5, 6.2, 7, 7.8, 8.6 and 9.5.... I am 96 kg.

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