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Default Windsurf Coaching

Gday Guys,

Steve here, i thought i should inform everyone on what my good friends are trying to accomplish in the windsurfing world...

They are in the midst of making and revolutionizing the windsurfing instruction manual... by using GO PRO's attached to Booms, Mast's and Boards and also with the aid of a FULL HD camera they are creating the greatest Windsurf Instruction DVD to date...

But, please, check it out for yourself... get on their facebook page, like, share and ask questions... its whats its their for!

Take care, and brush your hair!

"Have you ever spent a day on the water trying a new trick and constantly wiping out. Stop falling in and start winning. Post your problem on the Facebook page and get it answered by an expert.Beach start to blasting, duck gybe to flaka, all your problems solved by Colin “whippy” Dixon and Marco Wedele, with over 22 years of world class

Copy into address bar. or search Facebook for “windsurfcoaching”coaching these guys will sort out your problems."
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