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Originally Posted by Freesurfer View Post
How about the iSonic 117 Wide? Is a 10 m2 sail too big for that board!?
If you don't want a Formula (lowest planing threshold, highest upwind/downwind angle), then the most important question in selecting the best board + sail combo is what's your weight and skills?
- For a skilled 65 kg rider, the iSonic 117 Wide is perfect with 8.0 + 10.0 sail quiver.
- For a 85 kg rider, the 117 Wide is too small with 10.0 sail: better get the iSonic 127 to be more efficient in low wind range.
- For a 105 kg rider, there is no doubt, better get the Ultrasonic with 9.0-11.0 sail range. If racing under PWA rules, stick to the iSonic 137 which is PWA-compliant.

Cheers !

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