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Originally Posted by ClausKrike View Post

My question is which board in the Starboard range will suit wind between 9 to 15 knots, My thought is to use a sail size around 8.5 to 9.0 with camber. Looking for some speed and crusing and of course fun

A larger Futura or Ultrasonic ?

I weigh 80 kilograms and is a freerider by heart. My level is intermidiate+. Doing jibes, water starts, etc.

Best regards

Mark H is spot on : an UltraSonic is king in light wind considering your 80 kg weight. However, I would disagree with him that an iSonic 127/137 + 9.0/9.5 sail combo will get you going as of 9 knots easily. Perhaps for a racer yes, but for an intermediate level, no way... You will need a hell of pumping skills to get going such racing gear in so little wind, so better to avoid it for now, especially since you describe yourself as a freerider by heart.

Avoid a Formula as well : way too much technical to tune up, too much focused on upwind/downwind angle, too much racing skills-demanding for a freerider by heart.

The UltraSonic will get you planing passively way earlier than say a large Carve or Futura. To let you plane without too much pumping as of 9 knots of wind, I'll suggest you to consider a large 2-3 cambers freerace sail, large enough to be powerfull and grunty enough in 9.x-10.x size range. Models of powerhouse light wind sails are for example Severne Overdrive, North Sails RAM/S-Type, Neil Pryde Slalom/H2, Gaastra Phantom/GTX, etc... Avoid +4 cambers pure racing sails for now.

Cheers !

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