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You didn't show anything. You wrote down some numbers that we are expected to believe. I sail in the San Francisco Bay & Delta in northern CA, as well as small & large lakes. My point was that it was not possible to sail a 160+ liter freeride board in 10 ms and be great unless you weigh upwards of 90+ kg. To be able to use one board in the conditions you are describing and feel great I would have to be on very flat water.

Today, 8-9 ms on a small lake and I had my hands full with 6.6 & Futura 133. Had to go down to 110 Fanatic Hawk to feel great. If the UCD sailing team wasn't out practicing I probably could have stayed with the 133 but their wakes made it too hard to keep the board down at my weight.

What I'm saying is your JP may work great for you where you sail all the way up to 10 ms as a one board solution, but it is limited to a flat water location such as yours. Those of us that sail in larger bodies of water can not hope to use your JP above 8 ms and feel great, that becomes survival sailing.

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