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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Your JP Funster is pretty heavy, but it does have the width.
You are pretty light in weight @ 65 Kg.(143.3 lbs) so if the wind gets up in
the 9-10 knot range there is a possibility your could get planing on an 8.5-9.5 m2
free race sail with good low end power.
A formula board would get you planing, but a wide board that's not so dedicated
to upwind/downwind racing would be better.
Probably the Ultrasonic or a used F Type would give you the best all around chance
to get planing with a slightly smaller (than formula size 10-11 m2) sail.
What you need most is a much larger (than 5.5 m2) rig!
Wow, Roger ... First to explain why JP Funster doesn't work,
weight, shape, soft rails, foot strap positions, small fin.., everything... It's a learning board.
Second, Formula is the early planning king, don't Roger scare you with
'dedicated upwind/downwind' bull... while formula does excel in those things, it's easy
to sail do to it's width, as I wrote before, we have most beginners jumping on used formulas, once
they got basics skills, and few that too Roger's advise regretted it later... Maybe if you're
60+years old and you want to baby yourself, US would be good.
Formula does require good fin and larger sail comparing to US, and USonic will be easier /maybe
even faster until your technique improves.
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