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Default RE: Light but Durable lightwind Cam sail - does it exist?

For high quality sails check out Hansen Sails at their website and forum, and for pricing on their whole sail line, to include Hansen Masts, check out the Hansen Sails Store.

Bill Hansen is one of the most innovative and experienced sail designers in the business. I should point out that he was the original founder and sail designer for Windwing Sails, yet he has more recently separated from Windwing and started a new company. If have been sailing Bill's sails for over 20 years now, and I can assure you that the quality, design and durability of his sails has always been top flight in all respects. Sails are available on a preorder basis, and I should emphasize that some special custom material choices and sizes are also available on request. I'm not affiliated with Hansen Sails in any way, just a satisfied customer.
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