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Default RE: Light but Durable lightwind Cam sail - does it exist?

Good morning, Paul,

Many of the sailors above have offered some excellent suggestions and the following might also help.

At home, lay your sail out on the ground and attach a loop of 2mm rope to the material in the top of the sail that holds the male mast plug. There should be enough room to have the rope laying off to one side of the mast plug, not disturbing it. You need about 50 mm of 2mm rope length from the top of the sail to the figure ???8?? knot you tie off the 2mm rope with.

Also purchase a cheap screwdriver which is about 30cm long and a cheap hammer.

Before de-rigging, pound the screwdriver through the loop at the top of the sail (best done with the side of the hammer, just in case you miss the screwdriver). When the screwdriver is fully into the ground, walk around the sail, undoing the outhaul and the boom. Remove the boom from the sail.

Walk to the mast end of the sail and SLOWLY let off your outhaul. When the outhaul is fully off, twist the mast back and forth, at the same time pulling the mast out of the luff sleeve.

The mast should come straight out of the sleeve. At the same time none of the monofilm panels should be crunched up, preventing your creasing problem when de-rigging.

The length of the screwdriver usually will hold the sail, even in sand.

I don???t feel qualified to offer too much info when you are putting the mast into the sail sleeve. I don???t use Tushy sails and do not know anyone here who does (there are no Tushy dealers here in Melbourne).

Suffice to say that if you can hear the sail mono crunching up as you sleeve the mast, then your rigging technique may be suspect. , who was very helpful in my opinion, used to say something like ???if you can here it crackling, you aren???t rigging it right??. My apologies if this offends you.

I hope the above is helpful to you,



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