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Default RE: new vs. old slalom shapes

Hey hope you guys don't mind me resurrecting this thread, found it quite interesting and useful. We've had no wind for ages, so I've had to take up skateboarding again!

Anyway last year I got my new 7.2, 8.4 RS-S sails to use on my old Z-26 Protech and boy those sails work well! However, I'm noticing the 7.2 is probably a bit small as I find I'm getting a bit of nose lift, despite the mast foot position being forward enough to make the foot of the sail drag a bit much on the deck of the board. Granted I am using a CK95 mast, which will hopefully soon be replaced with an X9. I'm finding the CK95 only seems to let the sail twist to a certain level on the leech and then no matter what it had an abrupt step.

So I'm planning to get a 6.2 and 5.4 RS-"7" and combine that with the Isonic 87 and possibly the new JP 69 S3. What I was curious was whether anyone has tried using the 7.2 RS-6 or equivalent on the 87 Isonic, and what was the general outcome? I really would prefer this board over it's bigger brother, who knows prehaps next year I'd go for a bigger I sonic?

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