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Default RE: Light but Durable lightwind Cam sail - does it exist?

Some rice rigging tips there.

Going back to the original question, I know of no "extra durable" cam sail. However, the sail brand I use, make a no cam freeride in bigger sizes, the Hot Sails Maui Speed. This sail is made in two versions, a normal monofim version and a full Xply version. After many years of developement of the XP version they got it to where weight difference is very small. Needless to say, the XP is A LOT more durable and especially handles the wrinking issue much, much better. Maybe somee brand could learn something and make a similar cam sail?

Another interesting sail is Hots pure speed sail, the Superspeed. This is a wide pocket no cam sail that is as stable as a full cam race sail. No much bottom end though. The interesting thing about it in relation to this discussion is that it rigs easier than even a wave sail. The wide pocket makes mast instertion (and removal) very easy and then you just pull it down and tie on the boom. It jibes like a dream to, in many senses better than a wave sail since it luffs completely but still have all those batten stabilizing the sail.

Again, none of these sails may be relevant to you, but both could maybe inspire other brands to think in new direction.
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