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Default advice on my next board

Hi all, hope you can point me in the right direction.
I'm 245lbs and sail in primarily heavy chop and swell,no waves. I often look for the flat patches to light it up and pull away from my buddies. I used to sail race stuff but as i'm getting older just want a lighter softer turnier kit now.

i'm looking for a new board for fast fun for (245lbs ) 6.5-4.5m. I was looking at the Kode 93/103 and the Futura 93/101. I like the sound of the Kode but wonder if a strap position further out would be missed.

Any of your thoughts would be appreciated.

Also want to add - I have a new ( other brand, ltd const.) Freestyle/wave board that i cant stop from spinning out, which is why i am on a new board hunt. Ideally i want a fast Freestyle/wave board but am reading a lot of spin-out issues with these boards when Race guys hop on. I have spent 2 years swapping fins and adjusting my kit and stance and seeking pro advice as well as the manufacturer. It seems that at high speed FSW boards are prone to spin out. Anybody have thoughts on this too ?

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