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Default RE: SB Hybrid Carve and Phantom VS. Kona Exocet

I used to race D2 boards, and some of the competition had boards that looked a lot like the Serenity with the back 50cm cut off. They were competitive in light winds, but slower than M1s and Crit D2s in a breeze.

The early '80s D2 boards, without mast tracks and with centreboards that didn't retract all the way, were very hard to handle in a breeze compared to the later ones with fully-retracting centreboards. I love D2 type boards but I probably won't get a Serenity partly because I can't see it being any good if the breeze gets up, while the Lechner is fun in the lulls AND okay in the puffs. Given that design in D2s moved away from Serenity-style narrow bows to a Lechner-style spoon-shaped nose, I have to say I can't see why the Serenity would be all that much faster than a Lechner in light winds. Sure the waterline's longer but the whole point of the superiority of the overhanging spoon bow seemed to be that simple waterline length wasn't always vital and perhaps not worth losing the versatility.

I've sailed the Kona a bit, it seems to be a lot faster than the Prodigy and RSX in light winds (that's judging by racing against a good Prodigy, and having raced against good RSXs in the same fleet).....I don't know how they Prodigy and RSX relate to the Hybrid but I assume they're about the same???

I still can't see how the Phantom will be able to bridge the massive gap in light winds between a D2 or Equipe or Kona on one hand, and a Prodigy or RSX on the other hand (for exactly the same reason behind the Serenity design - length is good in the light) but I'll be interested in checking out race results - does anyone know of any?
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