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Default RE: Light but Durable lightwind Cam sail - does it exist?

Tears and cracks/creases only affect the damaged area where the reinforcements are cut/broken, and the damage does not propagate further across the entire panel of the sail.
Unfortunately, though, (and this was pointed out to us at the beach by a lady who has tons of sail repair experience) the x-ply doesn't hold repair tape as well as smooth monofilm. I've repaired holes in x-ply and had to sew the patch on as the adhesive didn't hold by itself. A monofilm panel when cut will rip if you continue to use it in the wind. However, if you can contain the damage, a small hole isn't hard to patch with cellophane packing tape.
But I agree that you may be taping simple creases in your Tush sails that are nothing more than a cosmetic problem.
Most of us only use tape on a sail where there is an actual hole that extends all the way through the material.
The tape is there to hold the cut panel to it's original shape (as much as possible) and to prevent the tear from propagating further across the panel.
Hope this helps,
Sometimes I give an area of monofilm that has either been creased or stretched a patch as an extra layer of repair material will re-enforce the area. However, most sailors don't do that as you stated.
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