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Default Mast tip extension for Reflex sails

Does anybody have use mast tip extension for Reflex sails??I know that Severne prodused in the pass mast top extender but i have never read any comment about it! I have the 12m2 Reflex sail that have luff 5.82cm,so i use extension 32cm with red line 550cm 100%,but it makes the mast to stiff because the base is to long,and last week the extension get bended!
I build up a custom mast tip for the top of the mast 30cm and by this way i need only 2cm base extension and i think that the sail and the mast are going to work better in that case!
If somebody have experience on it,will be pleasure to share it...Next week that i am going to use it,i will post comments on how does it react,good or bud!Till then i wish to have posts on my thread from you guys with more experiences from me!!
Many thanks..
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