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Default 75ltr Evo 08

Right, I generally sail 101ltr carve 05, which I generally feel comfortable sail until the wind gets too high. I'm 73 kg , so fairly light. I bought a 75ltr Evo 08, for a right bargin, a few months back but it's only now that we have good wind.. 25-30 kts that I'm starting to use it..... Or should i say trying to use it!!! Dropping down to this smaller board is a big jump, what do you think.?battle on with it, spending more time in the water, or as I have heard maybe put a smaller fin on the carve, to stop in being so lively. When the Evo and I get it on, I just love it , but I find it a lot less forgiving than the carve. Also best place for Evo fin position.
Any suggestions
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