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I am the thread starter and I recently purchased a used 2006 Formula board. I went with an older board because the tail is narrower than the recent models while still being 100cm wide. I have had 2 sessions on the board with average conditions at my sailing site. (8-10kts no white caps or chop). At my skill level I was able to plane 80-90 percent of the time with the 10.0 sail. I find the formula board not difficult to sail and is much easier to stay upwind with the light onshore wind. Up hauling the 10 is a challenge even using an ez up haul. However, I think the width and volume of the board help make this a little easier. I have completed a few jibes and again I think the volume of the board really helps when I fall off the plane to provide stability when handling the larger sail. So far the formula board has accomplished what I want to do.
That's great - I've also had a lot of satisfaction with my foray into formula. The uphauling does suck, but you learn not to drop your sail pretty fast. For me, the key with uphauling is to do it slowly and use the legs as much as possible. I've been ok using the 11.0 and 12.0.
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