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Default Starboard Go 2011/12 Shapes versus 2010

I hear lots of good things about the larger Go s. I'm looking for a larger light wind board 8-12kn that could also be fun for the family in the summer. I do want to be able to rig a big sail something like an 11m2 - my biggest is 9.0 at the moment.

I am wondering why the width/shape of the Starboard 171 2011/12 changed to smaller and longer causing a max sail de-rating from 11m2 to 10m2 from the 2010 model (91 to 85.5cm width).

Does anyone have experience on the 2011/12 Go with sails in the 10/11 range? Is the stated spec more of an "ideal" spec; i.e. can a larger sail be made to work? I am 210lb, so I can handle a larger sail.

My preference would be to go with a newer model, as I like the second fin box option if I want to teach anyone else to windsurf. But if there is a noticeable impact in maximum sail range, I may have to reconsider.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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